Why Cowork?

Coworking has all sorts of advantages as compared with working from home. Here are just a few:

Building the Basecamp Community

We'll be perfectly honest here...we're new. Whitefish has never had a coworking community and we're really excited to see what it will turn into! More and more of us have the flexibility to work on our own terms and we think it's going to be a lot of fun to get this crew in the same space.

We’re excited about the business opportunities, the new ideas, the new businesses, and we love the idea of providing a blank canvas for the Whitefish community to paint on.

Separating Work from Home

Many of us started out working from home until the lines got blurred. We'd been wearing the same sweatpants and hadn't left the house for three days. Not really...but kind of.

There’s something to be said about designating a time and space for work and it’s out of that concept that Basecamp was born.  Not that we don’t enjoy work, we do!  But we also enjoy leaving it behind and find it equally important to designate a time and a space away from it.

It Makes Cents

For individuals and small teams, we can help make office space affordable. Compared to renting or buying office space in the area, Basecamp makes it easy by providing utilities, reliable fiber internet, and taking care of the small things like cleaning costs and those oh-so finicky building maintenance issues. Come in, do your thing, and don't sweat the small stuff.

'It's a Small Town'

We all intuitively know that northern Montana is a tight-knit place. It'd be no surprise, then, that gathering professionals together in a shared space may open some doors.

Basecamp is comprised of all sorts of businesses and professionals; data scientists, software developers, travel agents, marketers, sales professionals, etc.  Though not all of us do business exclusively in the Valley, you never know what types of relationships and ideas can form and what paths may cross at basecamp.


The internet is a seductive place. Thirty-four cat videos later, that project hasn't completed itself. At Basecamp, you can set aside focused time to take care of the important stuff while surrounded by like-minded individuals cranking away to get the job done.

Phone booths help mitigate open conversations
Designated common area separate from workspace


Come See It For Yourself

New to the idea of coworking or Interested in learning more? Let's set up a time for you to stop by for a visit...

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