Basecamp Ins and Outs

Everything You Need to Know as a Member

Access Hours

Private Office

Dedicated Desk
7 Days a Week 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

7 Days a Week 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The Basecamp interior doors are locked from 7:00pm to 7:00am. If you need access outside of those times, you will need to (1) download the Justin Mobile App on your phone and (2) verify your phone number in the app.

After verifying your number via text in the app, ping Drew (slack, [email protected]) to be issued a digital key. The app will then allow you to unlock both interior and exterior doors. Note: the exterior door locks must still be rotated manually once access is granted.

JustIn Mobile App Download


Phone Booth/Conference Room

There are 4 phone booths and 1 meeting room. These rooms are all meant for taking active calls & meetings only - please leave these available for everyone's use when not actively on a call.

The iPads next to the door will list the current bookings for that day (if any). If the display is green, the room is currently available, and a red display means it is reserved. Upcoming reservations are listed on the sidebar: please check upcoming bookings on the iPad display before using the phone booths. You don't want to get that awkward knock when you're sitting in a reserved room.

The phone booth is free to use for members and does not require a booking, but they are recommended if you want to secure your space.


Business Address & Mail Handling

Dedicated Desk and Private Office members have mail handling included in their membership. Anyone else can add this service for $20/month.

You can use any name or business name you want with the following address:

643 Denver St Ste 100
Whitefish, MT 59937

Mail is distributed out on the member's desk.

Important note: The Post Office won't be able to forward mail onwards if/when a member cancels their membership. You will need to update each applicable sender accordingly.

Billing & Cancellations

Billing takes place on the 1st of each month for the month ahead until canceled. To give us time to give prospective members tours, we ask for a two-week cancellation notice if not needing to renew the following month. We do not pro-rate for partially used months.

You will receive an email reminder towards the end of each month about the upcoming bill. If you have a payment method on file, there is no action you need to take and invoices will be auto-charged on the 1st of each month.

You can view receipts and request cancellation through You can also simply email [email protected] with cancellations - or just tell me when you see me, whatever's easy.

Be kind and show respect to members and visitors and their different working styles. Keep a pleasant and quiet phone voice. For private conversations, take advantage of the phone booth. Talking in a normal voice prevents conflicts and ensures that other workers can hear their clients on their phones. Use earbuds for listening to music, podcasts, etc.

Use the phone booths for calls only The phone booths are shared by all members and day pass users so please try to limit your time to 30 minutes or less. Do not use the phone booths as a private working space if you don't need to be on a call or video conference.

Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave trash and clutter. You’re welcome to spread out while you’re working, but please leave the space even better than you found it. We have a weekly cleaning service, but feel free to use any of the cleaners available under the kitchen sink.

Due to allergies and sensitivities, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or other strong scents.

Let us know when something needs fixing or improving by posting it in the Slack channel.

Slack community: Members receive an invitation to Slack which is a group messaging app that we use to communicate amongst members. Important information such as updated wifi credentials will be posted in the ``Members`` channel. Other information will be posted in the ``General`` channel. This is the place to learn about events, advertise your services, make a plan for happy-hour, and post your wants, needs, and cool ideas. It is not the place to post political, religious, or other polarizing information.

Join Slack:

Make connections! One of the biggest benefits of shared working spaces is the networking opportunities. Reach out to other coworkers and get to know them and what they do. Basecamp is comprised of all sorts of businesses and professionals; data scientists, software developers, travel agents, marketers, content writers, etc. Though not all of us do business exclusively in the valley, you never know what types of relationships and ideas can form and what paths may cross at basecamp.

Don't get us wrong - we love dogs. But if we're honest, it is challenging to find the right balance of furry companions across the variety of needs and preferences of a diverse group of coworkers. We've crafted the dog policies so that we can enjoy having a few pooches around without it being a disturbance or distraction - much of these are a direct result of survey feedback. The spoiler alert: it takes a very special type of dog as it's a high bar.

Dogs are allowed by private office members well behaved dogs are welcome to join their owners in private offices so long as they don't bark, whine, roam, or create distractions.

Dogs are allowed but limited for dedicated desk members There can be a maximum of two dogs in the open working space at a time. Dedicated desk members must coordinate internally (Slack) to determine schedule/availability. Each member can only have one dog at a time. We won't allow a third dog in the open space. Dog beds are only allowed in private offices or under desks.

Dogs are not allowed for hotdesk members We're sorry, but there are more folks interested in bringing dogs than we have space for so this is reserved for dedicated desk and private office members only.

All dogs and owners must abide by the following rules:

Zero Accident Policy we're in a brand new (and expensive) building and accidents tend to create a snowball effect. That means we have a zero accident policy; all dogs should be fully housebroken. Any pee/poop inside the building comes with a 6-month break from Basecamp for that particular dog.

Zero Noise Policy barking, whining, or any dog noises are not allowed. Zero. Noise. The ideal dog should be able to quietly rest by their owner's feet. They are not allowed to play with each other inside the coworking space. Getting energy out is an outdoor activity. Anyone may register a complaint about a dog by contacting Drew. 3 complaints for any particular dog will result in a 6-month break.

Responsible at all times the owner is responsible for the dog at all times. There can not be a situation where you are not available to handle a potential situation with your dog. This means if you're on a call in the phone booth, your dog must accompany you. Dogs are not allowed to free roam outside without their owners. Any situation where a dog is out of eye-sight of the owner comes with a 6-month break from Basecamp for that particular dog.

Clean up after them we have dog bags available and trashcans on both sides of the building. If dogs are roaming freely outside, we will assume they have pooped somewhere. If we have to pick up poop, we will have to re-evaluate the dog policies.

No muddy/wet paw prints: it's recommended to use the west or south entrances when it's raining or when there is snow on the ground. If their paws are dirty, please wipe them on the floor mats provided.

Again, I know these rules may sound stiff but our number one priority is happy coworkers. We have to respect what work looks like across a diverse set of individuals. We've asked, listened, and heard that dog noises are not an acceptable part of the background for everyone's workday and in some cases, members have joined the space to get away from similar types of distractions at home.

We're always open to hearing your feedback about the dog policies and we're always happy to approach these policies as democratically as possible.

-Free tea and pour-over coffee are provided for all members and day pass users. Tips for the best brew are outlined on the counter next to the Chemex, and below for a single cup.

-Espresso machine: One touch operation, pretty easy! Be sure to put your mug under the spout before selecting your drink.

-Rinse off your dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Dishes should not be left in the sink unless the dishwasher sign says ``Clean``. You may use any cups, plates, utensils, pots, etc. in the kitchen. If you need to clean up any spills, use the cleaning supplies under the sink.

-Recycle. There are recycling bins in the kitchen. Please rinse out any remaining food in the recyclables before putting it in the bin.

-Access to the refrigerator: Hotdesk memberships and above may store food in the fridge or pantry. Please do not eat food that is not yours.

Pour-Over Instructions for 1 cup (10oz)

Step 1

Fill the Chemex water tank to the 2 water line (2 is not displayed so you'll have to estimate).

Step 2

Use the scale and weigh out 20-25 grams of beans, place in the grinder and grind at a FINE setting.

Step 3

Add grinds to metal filter and turn on Chemex (Turn to I to keep the burner plate warm, or II if you're going to drink immediately).

Step 4

Brewing will take about 3 minutes. When complete, please rinse the carafe and metal filter and place in the drying rack. Enjoy!


Feel free to ask any questions in the Basecamp Slack channel, text/call (406) 558-2567, or email [email protected]